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PPE Face Shield System

Optical quality replaceable polycarbonate lens

Includes ear loop face mask clips

Fits over glasses and magnification loupes

Can be used anywhere increased safety is desired

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"This is a great face shield made of optically correct plastic designed to accommodate dental loupes .  It is comfortable, lightweight and reusable. The hooks for mask elastics are a nice bonus". 

Howard W., Endodontist Skokie, Illinois"

As a teacher, I didn't envision ever being in a position to need a face shield... I have been searching online for the perfect face shield to use when I return to school.  When my daughter had oral surgery and I saw the ClikRay face shield in use in the office, I knew I'd found the perfect match.  I'm so happy to find something lightweight to wear, as I work in a classroom with no air conditioning.  Anything I could do to cut down on the bulkiness of what I need to wear to keep safe is welcomed.  Thank you ClikRay!

Cheryl W. 7th Grade Teacher

Polycarbonate Shield and Visor

Clear Polycarbonate Shield

This product is intended for multiple use by the same user.

Face Shield Visor

Only available in aqua blue.

Visor and Shield

Shield attached to retention posts.

PPE Face Shield System

This product is intended for multiple uses by the same user.

Please follow recommended cleaning and/or disinfection materials and processes. Body contact materials are polyethylene, silicone and rubber elastic. This item is meant to be used with additional PPE. Use of this face shield alone will not prevent infection.

WARNING: Do not use with older heat generating light souces. Halogen lights inside face shield may cause melting and be a fire hazzard

Video-Attaching Face Shield to Visor

Secure Face Shields by ClikRay

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The ClikRay PPE Face Shield System is manufactured in the USA by ClikTech, LLC

E-commerce sales are available through Acuity Dental Devices, LLC

10105 E. Via Linda, suite 103-264

Scottsdale, AZ 85258

Contact: info@acuitydentaldevices.com

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